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Some free tools for OpenOffice and derivatives

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XrayTool, the inspector of API objects. The document is a manual. It contains and installs Xray.

Third-party translations

German - XrayTool translated by Gerhard Weydt

Spanish - XrayTool translated by Ariel Constenla-Haile

Polish - XrayTool translated (manual only) by Witold Szczypka

Web pages of third-party translations

Czech - XrayTool translated by Vladimír Graf

Czech - jp_xraytool: extension based on XrayTool, translated by Július Pastierik

Russian - Ocean Basic Tools : extension based on XrayTool 5.2

June 2012









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5.2 es

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5.1 cz

5.2 cz

1.0 ru

Automate OpenOffice from external programming languages, using MS-Windows COM-Automation.
Each archive contains a manual and many utility routines.

Delphi 7 OOo tool

Lazarus-FPC OOo tool for Lazarus version 1.2 or 1.4

Lazarus-FPC OOo tool for Lazarus version 1.6

VBA or VB6 OOo tool

VB.NET OOo tool

VBScript OOo tool

JScript OOo tool


October 2014

October 2015

March 2016

July 2012

October 2014

October 2015

October 2015









Backup/Restore the Standard library of My Macros and Dialogs. The document contains the macros. March 2012 1.2en
History Master, extension to manage the recent files lists. Needs OpenOffice.org version 3.1.0 or more recent.
Supported languages : english, french, german, spanish, italian, danish, swedish, czech, dutch
March 2011
See infos
User Index Sorter, extension to sort user-defined index tables in a Writer document.
Supported languages : english, french
February 2015
See infos
Extension Compiler, a tool to create a professional extension.
More information in the Wiki of OpenOffice.org

Examples of projects build with Extension Compiler :

  • SimpleDemo.zip : files to compile extension Images Embedder
  • ExtensionDemo.zip : a demo of a complex extension

Extension Compiler is used to create : History Master, User Index Sorter.
February 2015


February 2014

February 2014







Delta_IDL, comparator of two API. Executable MS-Windows file. December 2013 2.8.2
LibO_IDL_creator : from a LibreOffice SDK, generates API html descriptions in the same layout as in an Apache OpenOffice SDK.
Zip archive, usable on MS-Windows only.
August 2015
AOO_DevGuide, the Developer's Guide collected into Writer documents for easy reading.
This zip archive also contains a handy Table of Contents and some related documents.
May 2016
Zip file